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Logo AngularJSYou want to start developing next generation progressive web apps, native mobile apps or Desktop apps? With Angular 2 you can develop all of this with just one Framework. Progressive web apps combine the advantages of the web with the advantages of native applications. Cross Platform development, server-side rendering, web workers all packed in one incredible fast Framework. Other than AngularJS the Angular Team reworked there complete Codebase and even with AngularJS experience you’ll need to get used to the new concepts, name spaces and routing.

Join our Angular2 Jumpstart workshop , we’ll explore the important concepts and API’s wildly used in real world projects while building a complete web application in all needed details for your daily work. After this Angular 2 workshop building your next application will be an ease. With “Jump Start” Pascal and Christoph give you a nice overall picture about the next version of the framework.

What’s the format, what will we learn?
Jump Start is, as the name says, the start. It’s the first part of the entire Angular 2 Master Class experience and we will spend the time building our first Angular 2 application, touching the most important parts of the framework. After this training we’ve built an Angular 2 application covering all the learnings we gained throughout the day.

Pascal Precht , -Hannover, Germany

Pascal Precht , -Hannover, Germany

Christoph Burgdorf - Hannover, Germany

Christoph Burgdorf, – Hannover, Germany


With Pascal and Christoph, we could engage two awesome talented and passionate developer with years of experience in both developing and teaching. Both trainers are contributors to the Angular 2 Project and work at


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