Stepanyan IngvarJS Kongress 2016 is not just a conference. We also provide dedicated workshops which tool place on the 2nd day (Nov 29 2016) after the conference. We are super happy and excited to announce the first Workshop: “Building a JavaScript transpiler” by Ingvar Stepanyan. Ingvar is an obsessed D2D programmer (Acorn, Babel, ESTree, JSX, HTML spec, etc.), speaker and reverse engineer. Currently enjoying premature-optimization-as-a-job position at CloudFlare. You can follow Ingvar’s update on his Blog, Twitter or Github.

You want to take advantage of tools that make JavaScript more efficient for large projects? Or experiment with upcoming features before they make it into the standard so you can tell the ECMAScript what works for you as a developer and what doesn’t? Or keep up with ECMAScript without leaving behind the browsers that don’t have the newest JavaScript features yet? – Transpilers can help you that.
Transpilers, or source-to-source compilers, are tools that read source code written in one programming language, and produce the equivalent code in another language. Languages you write that transpile to JavaScript are often called compile-to-JS languages, and are said to target JavaScript.

Over the last few years, a number of “compile-to-Javascript” languages have been released, including Babel, TypeScript, Flow, JSX, CoffeeScript, that add custom extension to JavaScript as “great for the web”. While introducing some build-time complexity, these languages have a number of advantages over vanilla Javascript (e.g. cleaner syntax, fewer gotchas, and static type-checking) that make building large, rich web applications more manageable.

In this Workshop, you’re going to build a small yet completely functional transpiler from custom language to JavaScript that would feature all the stages starting from code parsing, going through syntax transformations and ending with code generation.

You as a participant will be able to learn the internals of modern transpilers like Babel or TypeScript, get a good idea of their workflow and deeper understanding of JavaScript engines. For this workshop, you don’t need to have any compilers-related background nor education, however I do expect you to feel confident with cross-platform JavaScript and npm so that we would focus only on gaining the new experience and knowledge.

Now that you know everything you need to know about Ingvar’s workshop are, let’s dig into how to build transpilers.


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