Current state of HTML5 game development in 2016

Guest Article by Andrzej Mazur I was asked to write a brief overview of web-based gaming for the JS Kongress conference where I’m part of the program committee and will run a workshop about building HTML5 games with Phaser. I thought it would be a great idea and the opportunity to revise show building HTML5 […]

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Franziska Hinkelmann about Performance profiling for V8 at JS Kongress 2016

Performance profiling for V8 by Franziska Hinkelmann

Do you care about performance? Your JavaScript code works. Now let’s make it work faster. Memory leaks, megamorphic cache misses, garbage collection jank, and deoptimizations can slow your app down. Little changes in your code can have gigantic performance impacts. A few lines here or there could mean the difference between a blazingly fast website […]

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Full Workshop Agenda at JS Kongress Munich

Full Workshop Agenda

On Tuesday, November 29th, we’ll be hosting half-day workshops in our beautiful Alte Kongresshalle venue. By registering for a workshop while buying your conference ticket, you save € 45 on the regular workshop ticket price. Our workshops offer the opportunity to get to grips with new ideas and techniques in real depth, with a half day spent on […]

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Workshop: Refactoring - Turn Mud Into Gold by Wolfram Kriesing

Refactoring – Turn Mud Into Gold (by Wolfram Kriesing)

In software development we don’t spend most time writing code, we spend way more time reading and trying to understand code. When this code has been going through many hands, has been created under stress and is full of architecture directions and changes, it was rotting. Let’s stop that! Now you come in and it’s […]

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Workshop: Building HTML5 Games with Pharser by Andrzej Mazur

Workshop: Build HTML5 games with Phaser (by Andrzej Mazur)

Building HTML 5 Games quickly and effectively with Phaser. Want to start building HMTL 5 Games but you don’t know how? Join our Phaser workshop and learn game making in a fast and funny way. Start from scratch and build a unique, lovely designed piece of art with Phaser the eagerly awaited open source framework […]

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Angular2 Jumpstart Workshop by Pascal Precht and Christoph Burgdorf

Angular 2 Jumpstart Workshop (by Pascal Precht & Christoph Burgdorf)

Get ahead with our awesome Angular 2 Jumpstart Workshop You want to start developing next generation progressive web apps, native mobile apps or Desktop apps? With Angular 2 you can develop all of this with just one Framework. Progressive web apps combine the advantages of the web with the advantages of native applications. Cross Platform […]

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Markus Leutwyler

Workshop: The rise of JavaScript Robotics (by Markus Leutwyler)

You want to hack on hardware? Build a robot? Become a Maker? Design, build, and program your own remarkable robots with JavaScript and open source hardware? If so, you should attend Markus’ Workshop “The rise of JavaScript Robotics” at JS Kongress 2016 and learn how to make robots powered by JavaScript. The only prerequisite is to have experience with JavaScript. […]

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Workshop: Building a JavaScript Transpiler by Ingvar Stepanyan

Workshop: Building a JavaScript Transpiler (by Ingvar Stepanyan)

JS Kongress 2016 is not just a conference. We also provide dedicated workshops which tool place on the 2nd day (Nov 29 2016) after the conference. We are super happy and excited to announce the first Workshop: “Building a JavaScript transpiler” by Ingvar Stepanyan. Ingvar is an obsessed D2D programmer (Acorn, Babel, ESTree, JSX, HTML spec, etc.), speaker and reverse engineer. […]

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Diversity and Student Scholarship

It is our main goal to have an inclusive event with a welcoming atmosphere, so that people can connect, hang out, make friends – and all of this while learning about JavaScript and seeing beyond their own noses. What is a diversity ticket These tickets are made available for you, if you are part of a […]

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Making games with JavaScript (by Martin Splitt)

Making games with JavaScript (by Martin Splitt) Martin Splitt is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich. He devotes his time to moving the web forward, fixing problems, building applications and systems and breaking things for fun & profit. Martin believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that […]

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Johannes Stein

Let’s create a React powered game in 25 minutes

Today we want to introduce Johannes Stein and his talk about Creating a React powered Game in 25 minutes. Johannes is a web developer interested in learning and using bleeding edge technologies. What he finds even more interesting is finding use cases that aren’t considered at first and experimenting with things that aren’t exactly “best practice”. In his talk, […]

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Sponsors & Partners

Our amazing supporters help us keep tickets affordable, organize great workshops and welcome our attendees. If you want to be one of them this year, contact us: sponsoring(at)

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