Interview with our Speaker Elisabeth Engel about his Talk "From Scratch to Production-Ready: Creating Dashboard Visualizations" at JS Kongress 2016

Hi Elisabeth and thank you for your time and the chance to hear a bit more from you and your talk about “From Scratch to Production-Ready: Creating Dashboard Visualizations” at the JS Kongress in Munich. Can you tell our audience a bit about yourself and your everyday work?

I’m a UX developer working for a local software company. I’m passionate about data visualizations and lean UX. Especially, combined with a startup spirit and data-driven decision making. Besides, I love to travel and explore.

Munich is known as one of the most beautiful cities in europe and with the Alte Kongresshalle we secured us a very unique venue, is it your first visit in Munich or do you travel extensively?

Fortunately, I’m living here in Munich, so I can really recommend to explore the city on your own. Munich has many lovely areas beside the city centre. Just walk around and have fun!

What encourages you to give talks at conferences, is there any special Reason why you applied for the call for papers at the JS Kongress?

Good question. I think I really like the idea of sharing knowledge in any way, so speaking at a conference is a good way for me to share what I learned so far and learn from others.

JS Kongress is trying to go ahead of other conferences by switching the focus from Web and Mobile to Games, Hardware & Web. Do you believe there is a future of JavaScript outside of the Browser?

Definitely. It already spread to many use cases outside the browser and I think that’s a great benefit not only for the language itself but for all of us who like to write code in JavaScript.

Many JavaScript Projects are Open Source and “made with love” what is in your opinion the best Part about JavaScript, what do you enjoy the most about JavaScript?

I think what I like most about JavaScript is that functions are first-class citizens. Being able to hand them around like any other object makes things so much easier and flexible. But nonetheless, with great power comes great responsibility…

What will be the major benefit hearing your talk, what will the audience take home from your words?

You’ll learn a lot about visualizations and especially JS visualization frameworks like D3.js. At the end, you should be able to create a well readable visualization on your own in the JS framework of your choice.

Thank you very much for your time, Elisabeth!

We’re looking forward to meet you soon in Munich!?


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