Do you care about performance?

V8 LogoYour JavaScript code works. Now let’s make it work faster. Memory leaks, megamorphic cache misses, garbage collection jank, and deoptimizations can slow your app down. Little changes in your code can have gigantic performance impacts. A few lines here or there could mean the difference between a blazingly fast website and the dreaded “Unresponsive Script” dialog.

What will we learn?

Franziska shows you a few ways how to identify such problems. We’ll dive deep into the inner workings of V8 to better understand what these terms mean – and how to avoid them. You’ll learn to identify and fix low-level JavaScript performance issues using several V8 developer tools. Understand the inner workings of JavaScript engines and learn by examples how to write faster code.


Franziska Hinkelmann

Franziska Hinkelmann about Performance profiling for V8 at JS Kongress 2016
Software engineer on Google’s V8 team. Making your JavaScript faster and better. Regularly teaches Node.js courses at the International Summer University for Women in Informatics. Former organizer of the PHP User Group Munich.


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