As the use of business intelligence and advanced analytics technologies proliferates in more companies and plays a bigger and bigger role in business success, deployments of data visualization software and tools are also evolving – and expanding. BI and IT teams increasingly are getting requests from business users for data visualization capabilities, often delivered through user-friendly BI dashboards, to help meet business intelligence objectives.

Creating some dashboard widgets might just be a finger exercise, but what if visualizations are needed and no expert is at hand? Used effectively, new data visualization tools and well-thought-out dashboard designs help streamline the visual presentation of large, complex sets of data for better business decision making.

What will we learn?

This talk will guide you through the process of sketching visualizations, selecting a suitable framework such as D3.js, avoiding most common mistakes and getting your drafts ready for production.


Elisabeth Engel

Elisabeth Engel about From Scratch to Production-Ready: Creating Dashboard Visualizations at JS Kongress 2016
@Elisabeth is a software developer and travel enthusiast. She studied Media Informatics at the University of Munich and is now working as a UX developer for comSysto. She is passionate about data visualizations, lean UX and startup spirit. Always on the hunt for fresh inspirations.

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