Interview with our Speaker Christian Speckner about his Talk "Plugging holes: JavaScript memory leak debugging" at JS Kongress 2016

Hi Christian and thank you for your time and the chance to hear a bit more from you and your talk about “Plugging holes: JavaScript memory leak debugging” at the JS Kongress in Munich. Can you tell our audience a bit about yourself and your everyday work?

I’m a former physicist who deserted from academia and now works as a web developer at Mayflower GmbH. My daily work mainly revolves around frontend development with Javascript and Typescript, but I also do a lot backend (MySQL PHP & friends) and devops (Linux & Docker) stuff. When I am not working, I spend my time with family, music, friends and private software projects.

Munich is known as one of the most beautiful cities in europe and with the Alte Kongresshalle we secured us a very unique venue, is it your first visit in Munich or do you travel extensively?

Well, I have been spending most of my live in different parts of Bavaria, so I have been to Munich more than a couple of days 😉 If you’re staying here for a bit longer, be sure to include a visit to the Deutsches Museum, its the most awesome collection of science stuff you can think off.

What encourages you to give talks at conferences, is there any special Reason why you applied for the call for papers at the JS Kongress?

My time in academia has left me with a passion for teaching and sharing the stuff I enjoy with others. I like talking, and even more the discussions that are sparked by a talk. Also, it usually gets you a free conference ticket and a place at the conference dinner 🙂

JS Kongress is trying to go ahead of other conferences by switching the focus from Web and Mobile to Games, Hardware & Web. Do you believe there is a future of JavaScript outside of the Browser?

Do I think JS will prevail as a serious platform for embedded devlopment? No. Do I think JS will continue to find widespread use as a language for game development outside the browser? Maybe. Do I think javascript will continue to be used as a server platform? Definitely.

Many JavaScript Projects are Open Source and “made with love” what is in your opinion the best Part about JavaScript, what do you enjoy the most about JavaScript?

I like the simplicity of the language core, its flexibility which accomodates many different programming paradigms and the speed and creativity with which its community moves.

What will be the major benefit hearing your talk, what will the audience take home from your words?

Less leaky software 🙂

Thank you very much for your time! We’re looking forward to meet you soon in Munich!?


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