Interview with our Speaker Raul Jimenez about his Talk "360 & VR Video" at JS Kongress 2016

Hi Raul and thank you for your time and the chance to hear a bit more from you and your upcoming talk about 360 & VR Video at the JS Kongress in Munich. Can you tell our audience a bit about yourself and your everyday work?

I’m a Google Developer Expert in Angular, I love web technologies, Open Source and everything related with video. In my everyday work I manage my company where we offer consultancy in web development.

Munich is known as one of the most beautiful cities in europe and with the Alte Kongresshalle we secured us a very unique venue, is it your first visit in Munich or do you travel extensively?

It’s going to be my second time in Munich. I enjoyed my first stay and I’m planning to do the same this time.

What encourages you to give talks at conferences, is there any special Reason why you applied for the call for papers at the JS Kongress?

I really like to talk with other devs and share my passion. The people behind JS Kongress are well known in the development community and that made me trust in that they are going to build a great conference for the developers.

JS Kongress is trying to go ahead of other conferences by switching the focus from Web and Mobile to Games, Hardware & Web. Do you believe there is a future of JavaScript outside of the Browser?

Of course! The web is strong, but outside our world there are a lot of interesting technologies, stacks and platforms to work for. And there’s a lot to learn of this other platforms.

Many JavaScript Projects are Open Source and “made with love” what is in your opinion the best Part about JavaScript, what do you enjoy the most about JavaScript?

I really enjoy when we have new toys (specs) to play with it. In these last years we saw a lot of new HTML5 APIs released and I enjoyed a lot playing with some of them. Also new frameworks like React and Angular 2 are fun, but I think that new APIs are more disruptive than frameworks.

What will be the major benefit hearing your talk, what will the audience take home from your words?

That you can do things that you can’t imagine.

Thank you very much for your time!

We’re looking forward to meet you soon in Munich!?


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