Interview with our Speaker Seth Samuel about his Talk "Arbitrary Computation on the GPU Using WebGL" at JS Kongress 2016

Hi Seth and thank you for your time and the chance to hear a bit more from you and your talk about “Arbitrary Computation on the GPU Using WebGL” at the JS Kongress in Munich. Can you tell our audience a bit about yourself and your everyday work?

I have been using WebGL in production since before it was a good idea. In my day job at Airtime I work with nodejs, React, and moonlights on the iOS team.

Munich is known as one of the most beautiful cities in europe and with the Alte Kongresshalle we secured us a very unique venue, is it your first visit in Munich or do you travel extensively?

First time in Munich

What encourages you to give talks at conferences, is there any special Reason why you applied for the call for papers at the JS Kongress?

I love introducing people to new ideas in tech, and hearing from other passionate coders. I’m excited to get to go to Munich for the first time and meet some people I wouldn’t otherwise encounter in NYC.

JS Kongress is trying to go ahead of other conferences by switching the focus from Web and Mobile to Games, Hardware & Web. Do you believe there is a future of JavaScript outside of the Browser?

I already do a lot of my JS work in node, and it’s great to have it as a language that bridges all kinds of applications because it makes it so much easier to get involved in new domains.

Many JavaScript Projects are Open Source and “made with love” what is in your opinion the best Part about JavaScript, what do you enjoy the most about JavaScript?

The strong community of contributors that’s created the most robust ecosystem of modules is by far the best part of JS.

What will be the major benefit hearing your talk, what will the audience take home from your words?

I hope that people learn a few practical things about WebGL along the way to seeing some of the more off-the-wall applications that show what you can do when you push a technology beyond it’s expected use case.

Thank you very much for your time!

We’re looking forward to meet you soon in Munich!?


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