Building HTML 5 Games quickly and effectively with Phaser.

phaserWant to start building HMTL 5 Games but you don’t know how? Join our Phaser workshop and learn game making in a fast and funny way. Start from scratch and build a unique, lovely designed piece of art with Phaser the eagerly awaited open source framework for Canvas and WebGL rendering. Andrzej Mazur will guide us on this journey to building a successful and impressive HTML5 Game.


Games are a driving force of web evolution and a great way to intensify your knowledge about JavaScript. With Phaser,the new hotness in the gamedev world, you can have a fast, fun, free and open source framework for creating Browser Games for desktop or mobile purposes. Especially build for mobile Browsers it supports device scaling, camera usage and inputs directly from your mobile phone. It offers animations, sprites and basic physics, packed in WebGL or Canvas based on your preferences.

Features of Phaser - A fast, fun and free open source HTML5 game framework


Here’s what the audience will be able to do or get from Andrzej’s workshop:

Games are the driving force of web evolution and the most fun thing to do while learning JavaScript. He shows you that building them is easy. Andrzej would like to share his knowledge with JavaScript developers who’d like to learn how to build mobile HTML5 games.

Andrzej - Enclave Games - Warsaw, Poland
Andrzej Mazur (@end3r) is a HTML5 Game Developer, Enclave Games indie studio founder, Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher and js13kGames competition creator. Passionate about new, open web technologies, excited about WebVR.


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