In software development we don’t spend most time writing code, we spend way more time reading and trying to understand code. When this code has been going through many hands, has been created under stress and is full of architecture directions and changes, it was rotting. Let’s stop that!
Now you come in and it’s your task to make this work again, maintainable and extensible. The system will become more complex and you don’t want the ROI to decrease with every change. What now?


This moment screams for refactoring

Many people are afraid of refactoring or think of it as a nasty task. Don’t be afraid of it! Actually it can be big fun as you will see in this workshop. Especially when you see the outcome, when you made things readable, consistent, well-named and using a unique domain language. You will get code that reads well, code that represents the core of your business. And you are ready to keep working on future extensions.

“Refactoring keeps you ready for change by keeping you comfortable with changing your code”

With Refactoring
your code will become smooth and slick and the readability will increase. In other words you’ll turn a pile of mud into a fantastic shiny piece of gold. Refactoring is a very effective way to prevent a rewrite and keep the knowledge of the existing code around and not loose it. It is applicable to your everyday work. We’ll do it together and turn some really nasty code into a beautiful piece of art.

What’s the format, what will we learn?

Join our workshop and learn about the fun of turning a bunch of sloppy code into a perfect work of art. Discuss the details, dedicate time to investigate the business domain and how to “visualize” it in the code, try out automatic refactorings in JS, tools that support you and techniques to apply. All backed by tests of course.

You will go home with some methods, tools and strategies to handle legacy code and you will be able to apply it the day after. You will feel productive in working with legacy code.

Wolfram Kriesing

Wolfram Kriesing crewmeister.com - Munich, Germany

With Wolfram Kriesing leading the workshop you’ll have a talented and experienced lecturer with over 14 years of professional IT experience and early involvement in web technologies. It’s his personal interest to make the JavaScript Community care more about good software of high quality and scalability. He is also one of the organizers of JS CraftCamp happening happening on October 8+9 2016 in Munich.


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