You want to hack on hardware? Build a robot? Become a Maker? Design, build, and program your own remarkable robots with JavaScript and open source hardware?

If so, you should attend Markus’ Workshop “The rise of JavaScript Robotics” at JS Kongress 2016 and learn how to make robots powered by JavaScript. The only prerequisite is to have experience with JavaScript.

Workshop: The rise of Javascript Robotics (by Markus Leutwyler)

That’s right… if you’ve any JavaScript experience, you can now use your powers to manipulate machines. Javascript is already the most used Language on the Web that it makes sense to use it for Robotics as well! Ever more powerful and cheap Microprocessors (Arduino, Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi) combined with Javascript Frameworks for Robotics (cylon/johnny-five) enable to easily build even complex robots.

The workshop is starting by assembling the 2 wheeled Robot Kits, which features custom Lasercut and 3D printed parts, decorate them to your taste and then program it with Javascript! In the end you will have a Sumo-style Battle or Capture the Flag Session!

We want you to leave with the satisfaction of making something awesome!


Markus LeutwylerMarkus Leutwyler is the Head of support & tribe happiness at Dizmo AG in Winterthur (Switzerland).
He’s a multipotentialite, HSP, Maker, Technology, Communities. Connecting dots and people. DevRel @dizmos involved with @fablabwinti @coworkwinti @notebotsch


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